Women's Surf training Squad ONE

From NZD $225.00
  • Duration: 20 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Gisborne

8 week Surf Cross Training through the Wintery months to support Women Surfers from Beginner to Advanced.

On average each wave is roughly 6 seconds, to get 2 minutes on a board you have to catch 20 waves.

Surf Cross Training is the best way to build your Surfing Skills quickly, effectively and correctly.

It is also a really smart way for a surfer to spend the darker evenings of winter!

Basically we want to nurture a community of women to be ocean confident, have good core strength, develop resilient character and have a mindset to encourage and build up great things in themselves and others. 

  • Develop muscle memory through repetition for improved surfing performance
  • Increase mobility and range of motion for Surfing.
  • Swim training designed for Surfers to bring a higher level of water fitness, confidence, mind set and strength to our time in the ocean.
  • Small group Surf Coaching for all Levels using camera coaching, this will help you to understand where you are at and how to quickly improve.
  • Build a supportive community of Surfing women in Gisborne who support and encourage others.
Kicking off Week starting July 24th, & running for 8 weeks you can choose which 4 sessions you jump in on.

Pilates will be indoors at the Wainui School Hall 5.30-6.30pm Monday Nights

Mobility will be indoors at  Wainui School Hall-5.30-7pm Wednesday Nights 

For the Surfing element, we will aim to be flexible with time & day and work in with the conditions on the day & adapt to the beach that is working best for the surf level on the day and let each student know.

We will pretty much run as soon as 4 people from the group can agree a day & time and if conditions are good.

2 x Small Group Surf Session with Camera Feedback-A variety of dates including weekends to choose from in 2017. (More sessions can be booked if required for an additional cost)

What better way for a Surfer to make use of the cooler, darker winter months than get super surf fit and make new friends!