Women's Surf training Squad

Women's Surf training Squad
  • Duration : 20 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Gisborne
From NZD $240.00

8 week Surf Cross Training through the Wintery months to support Women Surfers from Beginner to Advanced.

On average each wave is roughly 6 seconds, to get 2 minutes on a board you have to catch 20 waves.

Surf Cross Training is the best way to build your Surfing Skills quickly, effectively and correctly.

It is also a really smart way for a surfer to spend the darker evenings of winter!

Basically we want to nurture a community of women to be ocean confident, have good core strength, develop resilient character and have a mindset to encourage and build up great things in themselves and others. 

Kicking off on May the 16th and running in to the first week of July.

Here are just a few things we aim to do:

  • Activate and Build Muscles required for Surfing to enhance time spent in the water.
  • Improve Surf Strength, Core and Posture.
  • Increase mobility and range of motion for Surfing.
  • Swim training designed for Surfers to bring a higher level of water fitness, confidence, mind set and strength to our time in the ocean.
  • Small group Surf Coaching for all Levels using photo and video, this will help you to understand where you are at and how to quickly improve.
  • Build a supportive community of Surfing women in Gisborne who support and encourage others.
We will be running the Swim training at the Olympic pool, Mobility & Strength, indoors at the Wainui Surf Club. 

For the Surfing element, we will adapt to the beach that is working best for the surf level on the day and let each student know.

8 x Tuesday-Olympic pool 6.30-7.30pm

8 x Thursday-Inside Wainui Surf Club 5.15pm to 6.15pm

2 x Small Group Surf Session with Camera Feedback-A variety of dates including weekends to choose from in 2017. (More sessions can be booked if required for an additional cost)

What better way for a Surfer to make use of the cooler, darker winter months than get super surf fit and make new friends!